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At some point in their lives many people experience dizziness-

The world is spinning around you

You are nauseated

Your head is swimming

You are very sensitive to light or changes in lighting

Sounds make you dizzy/make your world “jiggle”


Dizzy when sitting or standing still

Dizzy when rolling over in bed

Dizzy when turning or moving your head

Dizzy when bent over or reaching down

Dizziness that lasts for a few seconds when you get up quickly from a chair or bed


There can be several causes of dizziness other than your ears; high blood pressure, side effects of medications, heart problems, neurological factors.  Come see us at Kentuckiana ENT. We can help pinpoint the cause of your dizziness and get you the right treatment to alleviate your symptoms

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Same day appointments available for most ear problems–including dizziness-with our Nurse Practitioner.